Techn. Information



Techn. Information



Terms and Conditions

  1. Work materials:

Aluminium: Almg 3
Silvery metal with a high resistance to corrosion
3 x lighter than steel
Aluminium is well known for its durability and high recycling value
Polished aluminium reflects the light in a unique way.
Care: wipe occasionally with a soft cloth

Stainless steel sanded with 400 grain:
Silver surface emerges from sanding
No corrosion (rust) on the interior or exterior
Care: To keep the stainless steel’s lustre, you should treat the surface occasionally with a special stainless steel cleaner
This special care product is available through our company upon request.

Steel: St-37
The bluish surface is created by hot rolling the material.
No corrosion (rust) on the interior.
Care: If heavily in use, please treat the surface occasionally with commercially obtainable oil.

Powder coating:
The coating material is charged electro statically.
An even coat application with only minimal loss of lacquer is thus assured.
No thinners
High durability and resilience.

ESG glass:
Toughened glass
Care: Clean with usual glass cleaner products.

Woods: A natural product, therefore always different grains.
The oiled surface can be reground. To treat the surface with a special wood oil, will give the wood its own colouring in time.
Care: Occasionally treat with commercially available wood oils.

Camouflaged granite:
Through wet grinding, this stone develops a compressed surface, ideal for high exposure.
Care: Clean with a soft cloth (soap).

2. Technical drawings: